Friday, January 20, 2012

You receive the message: “Thanks for evaluating Citrix XenDesktop. The evaluation period is now near to its end…” when you log onto your virtual desktops even though you’ve entered your Citrix XenDesktop licenses


You’ve been using an evaluation license for your XenDesktop 5.5 environment and as your licenses came closer to expiring, you started receiving a warning message.  You proceed with purchasing a permanent license and install it but notice that even though your licensing server states you are fully licensed for your clients:


… and your Desktop Studio shows the licenses:


… you still continue to receive the following message when logging into a virtual desktop:

Thanks for evaluating Citrix XenDesktop. The evaluation period is now near to its end. Please make sure that the Citrix XenDesktop administrator is aware that a permanent license must be configured to continue using Citrix XenDesktop after that. This license expires in 0 day(s). Please contact your MIS department or Citrix system administrator.

The unauthorized use of software is a criminal offense. To learn about or report software piracy, visit the Software & Information Industry Association at



I’m sure there are probably various reasons why this message would show up even though the licenses are installed but in my case, even after having them installed for 3 days, I ended up having to reboot the DDCs.

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