Sunday, January 15, 2012

VMware Data Recovery 2.0 “Send test email” feature returns the error: “Configure Email Error” “E-mail notification failed: error–591 ( invalid e-mail address)”


You’ve just successfully deployed a new VMware Data Recovery 2.0 (VDR) appliance and configured Email Reports Settings but when you initiate a Send test email test:


… you receive the following error:

Configure Email Error

E-mail notification failed: error–591 ( invalid e-mail address)



While this can be caused by various reasons, the problem is most likely due to the mail server you’re trying to relay off of.  In my case, it was because I forgot to put the VDR appliance’s IP into the IPs allowed to relay list on the Exchange 2010 receive connectors.  Once I added the IP in, the error message went away and the test email was sent to the address.


Lycan said...

Hello Terence,

I tried the same procedure, but i still get the same issue. Can you please guide me as to what other possible issues might be?

Anonymous said...

I have a situation where the test email works fine but get this error When the scheduled backup finishes.