Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ESXi 4.1 hosts in Standby Mode causes faults in Cisco UCS Manager for B230 M1 blades

For those who have seen my previous post about testing standby mode, I noticed something odd happening in the UCS B Series infrastructure environment I used to generate the screenshots and I thought might be worthwhile to write a post about it.  What happened was that right after I successfully turned on DPM for the cluster and servers were put into Standby Mode, UCS Manager began indicating that there were faults for some of the servers and as you can probably already guess, these servers with faults are the ones that are currently in Standby Mode.

Navigating to the Faults tab for the servers in UCS Manager would show the following:

Affected object: sys/chassis-1/blade-1/fabric-A/path-1/vc-1450

Description: fc VIF 1 / 1 A-1450 down, reason: None

ID: 285353

Cause: link-down

Code: F0283

Original severity: major




I’m not sure if this is by design by once I took the B230 M1 blades out of standby the errors went away.  The firmware this infrastructure was running on was version 1.4(1j).


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Experiencing the same issue,but cannot seem to resolve it.