Thursday, March 3, 2011

Problem joining Cisco UCS 6120 / 6140 Fabric Interconnect to cluster with error message: “Illegal seek”

I ran into an interesting problem the other day while configuring two 6120XP fabric interconnects for a new cluster where joining the second fabric interconnect to the cluster would continuously fail.  While the error message I encountered may not specifically apply to the problem I had, if you are encountering the same error message, please read on and see if it the solution applies to your situation. 


You have 2 Cisco UCS 6120XP or 6140XP fabric interconnects that you’re configuring to be primary and subordinate nodes for a cluster.  The first fabric interconnect was configured to be a cluster and as you complete the configuration for the subordinate to join the cluster, you receive the following error:

Connecting to peer Fabric interconnect… done

Retrieving config from peer Fabric interconnect… Client program has issued a close()

Server-read() error: Success

Cluster config receive error: Illegal seek

unable to retrieve!

Hit enter to try again or type ‘restart’ to start setup from beginning…




The root cause of this problem was actually quite simple, the firmware for the fabric interconnect and the UCS Manager was of different versions.  The following screenshot shows that the fabric interconnect’s firmware version was 1.4 while the firmware version for UCS Manager was 1.3. 


If you have the same version mismatch and you’re having problems joining the second subordinate node to the cluster, simply downgrade or upgrade the firmware so there are no mismatches.

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