Wednesday, February 20, 2013

“Certificate Alias” setting for Avaya Application Enablement Services and Lync Server 2013 RCC Integration

I recently completed a Lync Server 2010 to 2013 migration and found that setting up RCC integration between Lync Server 2013 and Avaya AES (Application Enablement Services) was exactly the same as Lync Server 2010.  Avaya has yet to provide an updated guide for the configuration but the following PDF for Lync Server 2010 should be enough to get most administrators started:

Implementation notes on Integration of Avaya Aura Application Enablement ® Services with Microsoft® Lync® 2010 Server.

As much as the steps in the guide above seem pretty straight forward, there are certain sections that never worked for me.  First, I still experience the same error I did in Lync Server 2010 when I attempt to generate the certificate as outlined in one of my previous blog posts:

Requesting certificate for Microsoft Lync 2010 Pool with customized certificate template for Avaya RCC integration throws the error: “The certificate request with id is denied.”

Additionally, because it’s been some time since I’ve configured RCC, I couldn’t remember what Certificate Alias I was supposed to select when generating the certificate for the Avaya AES server as shown in the following screenshot:


The choices are as follows:

  • aesservices
  • ldap
  • server
  • web


Unfortunately, the Avaya guide doesn’t state what the alias should be and as a matter of fact, doesn’t even demonstrate how to generate it like the old OCS 2007 one so in case anyone is searching for this information or find themselves in a situation where their RCC isn’t functioning and isn’t sure whether they have their certificate generated properly, the alias should be set to aesservices:


Hope this helps anyone who might be looking for this information.


Anonymous said...

is there any work to be done if you have RCC working in Lync 2010 and you are migrating to 2013? Will the trusted app keep or are there steps that need to be performed to migrate it over?

Anonymous said...

I am also wondering about the question posed above. We have the similar situation and need to move the integration to the 2013 pool.

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