Monday, October 22, 2012

Empty list is shown in the “Select a network for the virtual machines to use.” in XenDesktop 5.6 while adding a VMware vCenter host


You’re setting up a new VMware vCenter host in XenDesktop 5.6 but as you navigate through the Desktop Deployment wizard, you notice that the Select a network for the virtual machines to use. list is empty:


You’ve confirmed that the port groups exist in vCenter.


I’m not exactly sure why but I’ve never had any luck when I assign the XenDesktop service account, that is used to connect to the vCenter, to the cluster node as shown in the following:


Sorry about the boxes blocking the names but take my word that I assigned the sa_XenDesktop account to the cluster node.

What I notice is that the networks show up when I assign it to the datacenter node:



I haven’t had the time to test this a bit more but will update this post when I do.

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Scott V said...

Thanks for the tip, I'm doing a XenDesktop 7 install and ran into this issue.