Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Exchange Server 2010 non-business hours greeting does not play?

As simple as the options within Exchange Server 2010's Unified Messaging Greetings look, I find that it can operate extremely different than you would expect if you don’t take the time to think about all the dependencies a certain setting may have on other configuration parameters. So, as simple as the following problem may sound, this post serves to explain a question I received today on the night of the cutover as to:

“Why doesn’t the auto attendant’s non-business hours greeting play?”

After being notified that the auto attendant I configured earlier this week wasn’t working as expected outside of regular business hours, I went ahead and logged in to have a look at the settings. As written in one of my previous posts earlier in the week (, I had to change the ordering of the wav files for the greetings to allow the caller to interrupt the greeting and when I swapped the ordering of the business hours prompts, I also did the same for the non-business/after hours prompts. What I didn’t realize at the time was that the after hours settings for the auto attendant did not have any key mappings:


This meant that the following settings:


… with the custom wav file set to the Non-Business hours main menu prompt would never play because of the lack of key mappings. With this incorrect setting, all the user would hear was:

“To reach a specific person, just tell me their name.”

Not exactly what I had expected but thinking about it makes total sense (see one of my other blog posts about the behavior of an auto attendant and the configuration of custom prompts: The solution was simple, just swap the greeting and the main menu prompts.


This wasn’t something I should have missed but this goes to show what happens when you’re jumping back and forth between multiple projects of different technologies the same day. :)


pesos said...

Hi Terence, I have a day greeting and night greeting. Our biz hours are 9am to 5pm eastern. I am calling from my cell to test over and over and I am getting a mix of the day greeting and night greeting. Very odd! Any idea why the AA can't make up its mind, when it is clearly within business hours currently?

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