Thursday, December 30, 2010

“Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” for Exchange 2007 OWA and Autodiscover

Ran into an interesting problem today when I had to reissue a new certificate that an Exchange 2007 CAS (Client Access Server) server was using.  I won’t go into the details as to why we had to reissue the certificate but once the new certificate was imported to the CAS server and the old certificate was deleted, we were no longer able to browse to our OWA webpage and autodiscover.xml page whether it was internal or external.  The error from Internet Explorer didn’t help either as all it displayed was:

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

What you can try:

Diagnose Connection Problems

More information


After checking all of the obvious, I went ahead and tried opening IIS (Internet Information Services) Manager to check the Site Bindings to see if there was even a certificate assigned for the HTTPS binding.  What I noticed was the following:


As shown in the screenshot above, there was no certificate assigned for the HTTPS binding and seeing how all of the directories whether it was owa or autodiscover had the require SSL checkbox selected, it was no wonder we received the error we saw in our browser.  Once we reselected the certificate, everything began working again.


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