Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New 1.4(1i) Cisco UCS Firmware for B Series Servers

I was recently told by my practice lead that we need to update our internal UCS B series chassis firmware version to version 1.4 earlier in the month.  I have to say that I’m terrible with keeping up with the “what’s new” or “what’s coming” for all of the products I work with because I’m always on deployments so unless I stumble across it during a deployment or hear it from a colleague, I usually don’t know until it’s released.  I’m sure my practice lead knows this and he was not surprised when I responded to his email about only knowing about the 1.3(1o) release (as of December 14, 2010).  Fast forward to 2 weeks later and being back from vacation, I noticed that 1.3(1p) has been released:


After navigating around the download site, I finally found 1.4(1i) under:

Products –> Unified Computing –> Cisco UCS Infrastructure Software –> Unified Computing System (UCS) –> Infrastructure Software Bundle –> 1.4(1i)


Note:  You won’t find this under the Cisco UCS Manager section.

So what does the UCSM GUI look like now?  Pretty much the same but with extra nodes!


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