Friday, September 3, 2010

Cisco UCSM Error: “Failure re-acknowledging Slot #. Cause: Slot identity is being established. Try again later".”

I wouldn’t say this was extremely interesting but wanted to write a short post to remind myself what was done in case I run into this again in the future.

A client had ordered 2 x 5108 chassis, 2 x 6120XP fabric interconnects and 8 B-Class blade servers but due to the available of the hardware, Cisco shipped all of the hardware except for the second 5108 chassis. Since the client needed the hardware up as soon as possible, we went ahead and set up the redundant fabric interconnects connecting it to 1 chassis then put all 8 blades into the chassis.

So once the last chassis arrived, we went ahead to move 4 blades from the first chassis to the second one. We got the usual message within UCS Manager:

This slot contains a server that is provisioned for a different slot.

Click here to accept this server in this slot.


No surprise here so we proceeded choose Yes when asked:

Are you sure you want to re-acknowledge this slot?

This operation will trigger a discovery of the server in this slot.


We continued to repeat this action for the rest of the servers but then ran into a problem with the last blade where we would get:

Failure re-acknowledging Slot 1. Cause: Slot identity is being established. Try again later.


Knowing that UCS tends to do a lot of checks when new hardware is detected, I gave it another 10 minutes but when I got back after 15 to 20 minutes to try and acknowledge the change in the blade’s slot, I would still get this message.

What I ended up doing was right click on the Chassis node and chose Re-acknowledge chassis to get past this error message. Strange behavior but since there were other items that needed to be done, I never looked further into it.

I will update this post if I get more time to do some further investigation.


Harold said...

Had the same issue on a B250 M1 bladed this week. Tried acknowledging AND decommissioning/commissioning the chassis and neither worked. To fix the issue I had to shutdown the entire system, and then click the "here" link in the popup message once things got back online to successfully re-acknowledge the blade. Thanks for posting this as it put us in the right direction.

Terence Luk said...

Thanks for your comment Harold. It's great to hear that this post helped in some way and it's even better that you added your input in your comment that may end up helping me in the future. Thanks again.

Vincent Della Chiesa said...

I know this is an old post but I have a question in regards to the moving of a blade from slot to slot. Can you just powerdown and move or should you powerdown, dissaccociate the profile, decomm the server, move the server, apply profile?

Rajesh Sababhathi said...

Appropriate/Supported way before moving blade across or same chassis is to
1. Dis-associate the Service profile.
2. Decommission the Blade.
3. Move to the slot in the same or different Chassis as per your need.
4. Accept the Blade in the Slot.
5. Associate the Service-Profile.