Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where does Unified Messaging pull the mailbox extension?

I’m sure a lot of Exchange UM professionals out there already know this but in case the person reading this doesn’t:

Ever wonder where Exchange 2007 pulls the Extension Configuration value when you’re enabling someone for Exchange Unified Messaging? The screen I’m referring to is this:


New Exchange UM admins may notice that sometimes this field is either:

  1. Populated with the correct value.
  2. Populated with the incorrect value.
  3. Does not have a value at all.

I remember one of my colleagues telling me once that this was actually pulled from the line URI field within OCS but that’s actually incorrect:


The place this information is pulled from is actually in the user object’s Telephone number field in Active Directory Users and Computers.


I intentionally used this example to show what happens when you populate the Telephone number field with a number formatted in such a way: xxx-xxx-2999 x2910. In this case, Exchange UM just assumed the extension was 2999.

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