Friday, January 21, 2011

Rebooting a Cisco UCS C-Series Server’s CIMC via SSH

While troubleshooting an ESXi issue on a Cisco UCS C210 M2 server, I ran into several small annoying issues which ultimately had me reboot the CIMC via SSH and I thought it would be good to write a short post about it in case I needed to remind myself what commands I used and possibly point someone to this post if I get asked about this in the future.

If your Cisco UCS C Series server’s CIMC ever becomes inaccessible via the webpage GUI meaning you’re no longer able to get to this page to reboot the CIMC:


There is another way to reboot it and that is to SSH into the server.  With that being said, in order to SSH into the server, it has to be turned on here:


Now assuming you have SSH enabled, you can use an SSH client such as PUTTY to SSH over, log in, and execute:

scope cimc


The session would look something like this:

login as: admin

admin@'s password:

sucs-c2xx# scope cimc

ucs-c2xx /cimc # reboot

This operation will reboot the CIMC.



You can also perform a lot of operations here so if you ever get locked out of the management webpage or perhaps the port is blocked, you can perform the operations via the SSH.


Anonymous said...

Thanks this helped me :-)

Anonymous said...

Very good post. This was very helpful and it got our service back online. Thank you much

Mohamed said...

Am facing similar issues.
I can ping to CIMC IP Address. But i can not access Web GUI or SSH .
Is there a way that i can reboot CIMC from the Vmware-OS ? I do not want to shutdown the whole Vmware-OS to login to CIMC from Physical KVM as we are in production.