Monday, July 19, 2010

VMware Site Recovery Manager Installation – “Failed to register service”

Ran into an issue with installing Site Recovery Manager where after an unsuccessful installation, the wizard rolls back but does not unregister the service in Windows.


As shown in the screen shot above, the service was registered and the unsuccessful install has it set to “Disabled” but does the rollback did not unregister it. This leads me to suspect that the installation basically goes something like this:

1. Install binaries

2. Register service and set it to disable

3. Set service to automatic

4. Start service

I think due to the way in which my installation failed, the rollback did not remove the service and prior to realizing this, I began the install again only to be prompted with: “Failed to register service” near the end of the installation.

To solve this issue, all I needed to do was go into the registry and remove the service:



Once I removed the “vmware-dr” registry key and kicked off the install again, the installation was successful:


Site recovery manager version: VMware-srm-4.0.0-192921

Windows version: Windows 2008 R2 64-bit Standard


Iwan Rahabok said...

Thanks for the tips!
Just wanted to add a minor thing. there are 2 entries there. Do not delete the other entries! My Prod Site was OK as I followed your steps closely. My DR site was not so lucky.

Iwan Rahabok said...

I should have added that I fixed the DR site too. Here is how:

I exported the registry entry from Prod (just the "vmware DR" entry, not others).
I then imported.
Tried the installation again. It still failed.
Rebooted Windows 08. Tried. It works. Should have thought that registry settings need reboot, although it sounds a little weird.

My setup is on Win08, but not R2.

Gilbert Rajan said...

Thanks Terence!! I tried to upgrade SRM 5.0.1 to 5.1.1 and it require a reboot after the registry edit.

Keep up your good work...