Monday, July 12, 2010

Reinstalling MOSS and Required Components (IIS 7.0)

This was one of the problems I encountered a year or two ago while during a project at a college when installing MOSS 2007 on a Windows 2008 server:

One of the problems I encountered while reinstalling a MOSS farm front-end servers was when I had removed IIS 7.0 from Windows Server 2008 and tried to reinstall it. What happened was that it would keep failing when I tried to reinstall IIS 7.0 and the various components required for the installation. After troubleshooting for a bit, I realized that in order for IIS 7.0 to reinstall properly, you need to uninstall Windows Process Activation Service in the Features section. This component is required component and is automatically installed when you install IIS 7.0 but is not automatically uninstalled if you remove IIS 7.0 from the roles. The following is a screenshot of where it can be found:


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