Saturday, July 10, 2010

VMware Converter P2V Error on Windows 2000 Server with Snapshot Failure

A client contacted us for help while trying to P2V a Cisco Unity server but keep getting the following error after the process successfully starts and fails:

Conversion process failed @ 2:10pm (2010-04-09 14:10:17.174 'P2V' 6104 error] [task,295] Task failed: P2VError SNAPSHOT_FAILURE(-1))

The first question I asked them was what operating system the server was and when they said it was Windows 2000, I asked them if they had rebooted the server after installing the agent. They indicated that they did not get prompted but I remembered that I always got prompted so I had them try to reboot the server and also ensure the service account had administrative privileges.

A few days later the client got back to me and said a reboot did indeed fix the problem.

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