Monday, July 12, 2010

Nightmare with dvSwitches and UCS

I had an extremely bad end to a work week last Friday when one issue lead to another and after accumulating multiple small issues, a UCS and VMware infrastructure that was happily chugging along fell apart. I finally got a taste of all the blogs that spoke of the limitations of dvSwitches and what you need to look out for when working with a UCS with the Menlo card.

I’m happy to say that although I had to sacrifice a sunny Saturday to fix the issue, I did manage to get the whole infrastructure back up. I have a lot of notes and screenshots but lack the time to write the post so stay tuned.

Oh, and Malcom Gladwell was right in his "The Tipping Point". :)


Anonymous said...

So what was the problem and what was the solution? Was it related to the "Enable Failover" button on the vNICs in UCS?

Terence Luk said...

Hey Adam, thanks for visiting my blog. I've posted the problem I had here: