Thursday, February 23, 2012

Citrix XenDesktop 5.5’s virtual desktops shutting down and going into maintenance mode

I recently noticed that a newly deployed desktop catalog’s XenDesktop virtual desktops were shutting down and put into maintenance mode shortly after they were started:


I went ahead to double check that my PeakHourBufferSize and Peak Hours were set appropriately:


… and wasn’t able to figure out what might be the problem until I noticed that some of the desktops were assigned a APIPA 169.254.91.x IP address:



This lead me to believe that the DHCP server serving IP addresses might be out of addresses to hand out so I logged on and just as I suspected, the server had no more IP addresses to hand out.  What this meant was that while the XenDesktop DDC was able to start up the server, the virtual desktop was unable to contact any DDCs to register.  Logging onto these problematic desktops would show event ID 1001 and 1022 warnings with the messages:

The Citrix Desktop Service failed to register with any controllers in the last x minutes.

The service will now try to register with controllers at a reduced rate of every x minutes.



The Citrix Desktop Service failed to obtain a list of delivery controllers with which to register.

Please ensure that Active Directory configuration for the farm is correct, that this machine is in the appropriate Active Directory domain and that one or more delivery controllers have been fully initialized.


The solution for this issue was simple, fix your DHCP server allowing your virtual desktops to obtain a valid IP address so it can register to a DDC.

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Unknown said...

Terence, thx a lot for this advice, saved my quite some time recently!
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