Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cisco UCS B Series Infrastructure IO Module throws the error: “fabric-unsupported-conn”


You notice that your IO module in your Cisco UCS B series infrastructure throws the following error message:



Navigating to the faults tab of your IO module shows the following details:

Affected object: sys/chassis-1/slot-2 <— note that this could be any chassis or slot

Description: IOM 1/2 (B) current connectivity does not match discovery policy: unsupported-connectivity

ID: 415387

Cause: unsupported-connectivity-configuration

Code: F0401

Original severity: major

Previous severity: major

Type: connectivity



The cause is actually quite simple and it’s because you have, say, a 2-link policy set for your chassis discovery policy but you only have 1 link plugged in between your IOM and the fabric interconnects:


Note that an error won’t get thrown if you have, say, a 1-link policy set but you have 4 links plugged in so in this case, since we only have 1 cable plugged in from the IOM to the fabric interconnects, changing the policy to 1 link will fix the problem.

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