Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Where to download the latest Wyse USB Firmware Tool / Dell USB Firmware Tool

I was recently asked by a colleague of mine as to where he could download the Wyse USB Firmware Tool / Dell USB Firmware Tool as shown in one of my previous blog posts:

Attempting to pull and image from a Wyse thin client fails with: “Copy image to USB failed Press Enter key to reboot now.”

… because he searched all over the internet and couldn’t find the following page I included in the post above:


I haven’t had to work with Wyse thin clients for a while but after searching through the Wyse and redirected to Dell site, I noticed that this tool was no where to be found. It was not until about 15 minutes later when I finally found it so I thought I’d write this quick blog post in hopes that such an activity wouldn’t waste other administrator’s time.

Many of the Wyse tools such as PCE, TXC, USBFT, WCM and WDM have been moved to the following URL:

This URL brings you to the following no nonsense and no frills directory:


The directory we’re interested in is the USBFT directory where you will find the USB Firmware Tool:


For those who are interested, I found this information in the following post:


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Steve Dachelet said...

Thank you for posting the links... It's also been a while since I have needed to download a copy of these tools, and now need them again. Dell / Wyse support links had since changed..