Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Attempting to pull and image from a Wyse thin client fails with: “Copy image to USB failed Press Enter key to reboot now.”


You have the current thin client model:

Brand: Wyse
Model No: Zx0
Part No: 909682-01L

You would like to pull the image after staging the thin client so you proceed to download the Wyse USB Firmware Tool from the following site:


image Imaging Tool)


You run the Wyse USB Firmware Tool.exe to prepare the USB flash drive:


… but quickly notice that you receive the following error at the Prepare the USB drive window:

USB drive size less than 1GB, please insert higher capacity drive


You close the application and re-launch it by choosing Run as administrator:


The wizard successfully passes the step you received the error:



With the successfully prepared USB stick, you proceed to pull the image but notice that the process completes at 100% but quickly displays the following error:

Copy image to USB failed

Press Enter key to reboot now.



This issue managed to get me stumped for an hour as I continued to try 4 different version of the tool without any luck until I decided to try selecting:

Windows Embedded Standard 7

… instead of:

Windows Embedded Standard 7 P


Once I selected the correct operating system, the pull operation completed successfully.  I was unable to find any material online so I hope this blog post will serve a quick answer to anyone who made the same mistake as I did.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! Such a simple fix, but the constant failures (and wait between tests) were very frustrating. I only wish I'd have looked for the specific error sooner.

Anonymous said...

they do not give you the ability to download the firmware tool anymore. with out requesting it

Mike Southers said...

We left a copy of the firmware tool on the MTC, so it would also be handy for formatting the USB and pulling an image.