Sunday, February 2, 2014

VMware Horizon View desktops displays “Protocol failure” as the “Status” in View Administrator


You notice that various virtual desktops in your VMware Horizon View 5.3 environment displays Protocol failure as the Status in the View Administrator:



The following KB does a good job of explaining the various reasons why a Protocol failure would be displayed as the Status in the View Administrator:

VMware View Administrator shows the virtual machine status error: Configuration Error (1039274)

The issue I had with the desktops was that while the Windows Firewall service was started, the Startup Type was set to Disabled;


Changing the Startup Type to Automatic corrected the problem:

image image


Another way of starting the service and setting it to auto start is to use the following command:

sc config MpsSvc start= auto

net start MpsSvc


Note that if the Windows Firewall service does not start upon the startup of the desktop, the VMware Blast service which is dependent on the Windows Firewall service may not have started as well which would lead to the following error message when trying to access the desktop via HTML5:

The display protocol for this desktop is currently not available. Please contact your system administrator.


To correct this issue, simply start the VMware Blast service:

image image


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lesanna said...

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Cindy Dy said...

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Leslie Lim said...

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Anonymous said...

I landed on your post due to the error, protocol failure and the information is something to keep in mind, but in my case, the computer was created in the wrong OU and once placed in the correct one and restarting the VM, everything worked fine.

I wanted others to know in case they had this issue.

tarek gawesh said...

Reboot the ESXI host only beside ensure the vmware blast servcie is started

Anonymous said...

Возникла такая проблема с десктопом на windows xp sp3.
Действительно, на десктопе не работала служба Брандмауэр, от которой зависит vmware blast servce, и не работало еще несколько сетевых служб.
Помогла решить проблему установка последних обновлений для windows xp (с помощью пакета Critical_WINXP_preSP4_10.3.10.exe), тогда службы заработали, и клиент снова стал соединяться.