Monday, January 20, 2014

Integrating Lync 2013 with Microsoft Lync VDI Plug-in cycles through the “Lync is trying to use your local audio and video devices.” continuously and eventually fails


You’ve deployed the Microsoft Lync VDI Plug-in with your Citrix XenDesktop VDI but notice that the Lync 2013 cycles through the Lync is trying to use your local audio and video devices. phase continuously to try and redirect the audio and video devices but eventually fails:

image image



While there can be various reasons why the Lync client would cycle through this phase continuously without successfully connecting to the locally connected audio and video USB devices, one of the reasons is if you haven’t entered the credentials for your Lync account.  I’ve noticed that there were a few instances where reconnecting to an existing VDI client that already has the Lync client launched would exhibit this behavior.  One of things you can try is to completely shutdown the Lync client and re-launch it then see if you receive the following logon prompt:


Once you enter the appropriate credentials for the login, you should see the following:


Followed with:

Lync is all set to use your local audio and video devices.


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