Friday, December 9, 2011

vSphere 5’s vCenter 5.0 now automatically configures the VirtualCenter Server service with “Delayed Start” and SQL dependency

For those who have come across problems mentioned in 2 of my previous blog posts:

vCenter / Virtual Center Service fails to start with event ID: 1000, 7024, 7001, 18456
Addressing the VirtualCenter service not starting because SQL service hasn’t started yet

… would be familiar with the issue of collocating SQL server and VMware vCenter on the same server where the vCenter service fails to start because the SQL services hasn’t started yet.  While deploying a few small nodes with vSphere 5.0, I noticed that the vCenter installation process actually puts the SQL service as a dependency for the vCenter service and also sets it as Delayed Start.  This is definitely a nice touch.



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