Thursday, December 8, 2011

Publishing a new Lync Server 2010 topology throws the error: “Error accessing share \\\LyncShare - The object does not contain a security descriptor..”

Ran into an interesting problem a few months ago when deploying a new Lync Server 2010 standard pool for a power plant.  The administrator I was working with gave me a Windows 2000 Server to use for the Lync File Store.  I went ahead and created the file share, configured the UNC in the Lync Topology and went ahead to publish it only to receive the following error:

Error accessing share \\\LyncShare - The object does not contain a security descriptor..


What’s interesting is that the subfolders in the share does get created but since this pool will eventually become production and will serve over 400 users, I didn’t want to take the risk so while I can’t conclusively say that this error is caused by the version of the Windows Server, I proceeded to ask for a Windows Server 2003 or newer server to store the Lync file store and then used the following TechNet article to move the location:

Move Lync File Store Data to New File Store

Once I moved the Lync File Store location to a Windows Server 2003 server, the error went away.

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