Monday, April 7, 2014

Unable to modify Owners of a Security Group in Exchange Server 2013’s Exchange admin center


You’re logged into the Exchange Server 2013 ECP and noticed that a newly created distribution group created with an existing Security group does not have any Owners assigned to it as displayed in Exchange Server 2013’s Exchange admin center:


You proceed to open the properties of the group, navigate to the ownership settings:


You proceed to add the Administrator account as an owner under the Owners configuration:


Proceeding to click the save button throws the following error:


You don’t have sufficient permissions. This operation can only be performed by a manager of the group.



To grant an account such as the administrator to edit the ownership of the group, open up Active Directory Users and Computers, navigate to the OU containing the Security Group and open the properties:


Navigate to the Managed By tab:


Add the account you would like to have permissions to managed this group into the Name field:


Going back to the Exchange admin center and hitting the refresh button should now show that the account you just configured is now an owner of the group with editing permissions:



Piotr Kaminski said...

Do you know how to do it through remote Exchange Powershell? We are not synced yet, we are during process of migration and I have exactly the same error. We rang them but you need to wait :(

Anonymous said...

you can use set-distributiongroup -identity "name of dl" -managedby user1,user2 -BypassSecurityGroupManagerCheck