Friday, April 4, 2014

Setting up VMware Horizon View to use SQL Server Express for the Events Database


You are attempting to to set up VMware Horizon View’s Events logging to a SQL Server Express database but could not View to connect to the SQL server:


As soon as the OK button is pressed, the following error is displayed:

An error occurred while attempting to configure the database. Double check the database parameters and ensure that the database is not down, restarting, or otherwise unavailable.



I’ve come across this a while ago when configuring VMware Horizon View events to log to a SQL Express database instance and the reason is because the TCP/IP ports are not configured properly. To correct this, launch the SQL Server Configuration Manager, navigate to SQL Server Configuration Manager –> SQL Server Network Configuration –> Protocols for VIM_SQLEXP –> TCP/IP:


Click on the IP Addresses tab:


Ensure that the TCP Dynamic Ports and TCP Port values for:

  • IP1
  • IP2
  • IP3
  • IP4
  • IP5
  • IP6

… are cleared with no values:



Set the TCP Port to 1433 or another number if desired:


Restart the SQL Server service to get the changes into effect.

With the changes above applied, the VMware Horizon View events configuration wizard should now be able to connect to the SQL Express database instance.


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Anonymous said...

As always, great article. Just to point that there is an alternate option to configure event database i.e log events to syslog server, local or UNC file path. Specially this option is useful if you are forwarding all other infrastructure logs to syslog server, you can use the same feature for Horizon View environment.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much. This info is still relevant and resolved my issues in 6.0

Anonymous said...

Thank you...I have been battling with this issue since two days now.

Unknown said...

Great... stuck for 2 weeks trying solution from other website including vm. Your steps work for me.

Grateful. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Same as above. VMware should commission you to redo their site!

Very much appreciated!

Neil Murphy said...

Excellent. Thanks Terence. This has been wrecking my head for days.

Anonymous said...

You have saved my day man, thanks.