Saturday, November 2, 2013

Citrix XenDesktop Desktop Studio Dashboard displays the message: “Upgrades for some services are available.” and “Services can be upgrade on the following controller:”

I’ve been asked a few times in the past about why the following message:

Upgrades for some services are available.

Services can be upgrade on the following controller:


Learn more about this upgrade

… is sometimes displayed in the Dashboard of Citrix Desktop Studio when upgrading an administrator has completed upgrading, say, all of the DDCs in a XenDesktop environment:


Some administrators have gone as far as telling me they’ve ran the PowerShell cmdlet:


… and can confirm that the ControllerVersion is listed as being the same:


While this may seem obvious, of all the times I’ve been asked to look at this, the reason as to why this message is displayed is because not all of the hotfix update packages have been ran on the listed DDC:


If you were to only run the first 3 packages and not the last 4, the version number may indicate the DDC has been upgraded when in fact it is still missing packages for the hotfix update.

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