Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Veeam 6.5 replication job fails with “Soap fault. No DataDetail: 'get host by name failed in tcp_connect()', endpoint: 'https://DR-vCenterName:443/sdk'”

I recently ran into an issue where my Veeam replication job that replicates VMs from a head office to a DR site would fail with the following error:

[30.06.2013 16:37:40] <  6648> vim| >>  |Cannot get service content.

[30.06.2013 16:37:40] <  6648> vim| >>  |Soap fault. No DataDetail: 'get host by name failed in tcp_connect()', endpoint: 'https://DR-vCenterName:443/sdk'

The infrastructure consists of a Veeam backup and replication server in the head office with a dedicated Veeam proxy target in the DR site along with a vCenter and ESXi host serving as the replication target.  The proxy in the DR environment wasn’t joined to the domain or configured with DNS settings so just as the error apparently suggests, the cause of the failure was because the proxy in the DR could not resolve the vCenter name in the DR.  A simple host record fixed this or if preferred, configuring the DNS settings of the DR proxy with the domain’s DNS servers would achieve the same results.  I opted to use a host record because the DR environment I was working in was a hosted solution that did not allow DNS queries from DR to the head office.


lanmusicman said...

You are a life saver!
I was thrown into an "environment" that was half upgraded/migrated with no admin or documentation to speak of and your post nailed it! I have a Disaster Recovery test for a major client of ours and now it is working! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks ;)

That worked for me in a veeam 8 environnement

Anonymous said...

Hello ,

Can you share with us screenshot , im not good in english , and ı have the same error now .

Please help ..

What i have to change

Anonymous said...

Terence i could kiss you !

Your are awesome my friend.

Mark Bishop said...

Nice one Terence. Q4 2017 and this article is still useful for saving folks like me a fair deal of annoying troubleshooting. Kudos to you, Sir.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. This did the job

Unknown said...

Lifesaver! Proxy had just been moved off domain to a workgroup.

Masoud said...

You just saved my Day.

Anonymous said...

You save my day too !!! Many thanks

Unknown said...

Worked like a charm, thanks