Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Logging onto Cisco UCS Manager throws the error: “Login Error: Read timed out”


You attempt to log into the Cisco UCS Manager via the VIP of your clustered 6100 series Fabric Interconnects but receive the following error:

Logging onto Cisco UCS Manager throws the error: “Login Error: Read timed out”



I’ve come across this several times in the past as well as received quite a few calls over the past months so I thought I’d write a post about this in case anyone is searching this on the internet.

One of the reasons why this error would be presented while you log into the UCS Manager is if there is a switchover in progress between the 2 clustered 6100 series fabric interconnects.  To determine whether this is the case, you can either console or SSH into the fabric interconnect and execute the following command:

show cluster state


Note how in the above screenshot that both of the fabric interconnects has the status of:

Management services: SWITCHOVER IN PROGRESS

In the event that both fabrics are stuck in this state for a long time, one of the ways to fix this is to actually reboot both fabrics one after another giving enough time in between (say 5 minutes) so that the first fabric that you reboot becomes the primary fabric.


Clayton Meyer said...

Ran into the exact same issue in our lab environment today after doing a firmware upgrade. Seems like after booting up the FI it takes almost 10 minutes for all processes to run fully.

I would hope there is a way to resolve this in a production environment without having to power down both of your FI's.

Anonymous said...

Fixed Our UCS environment after a firmware patch

#connect local-mgmt.
(local-mgmt)# pmon stop
(local-mgmt)# pmon start

then wait a few mins

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous, pmon stop and start worked for me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks... pmon stop/start worked for me too.

Puneet Relhan said...

Thank you so much mate.
It worked for me.

Puneet Relhan said...

Thanks you so much mate.
it worked.

Amit Singh said...

It's working, Save my day :-)

Дмитрий Михайлович said...

it's work ;)