Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cisco UCS B Series Infrastructure Firmware Versions

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the time to write a blog post as I’m still going through a move from Canada to Bermuda but I recently ran into a small problem that I thought was worth spending a bit of my time after work to write about.  What basically gave me this idea was that there’s a demo UCS B series infrastructure that hasn’t been fully set up because multiple consultants have made an attempt but either ran out of time due to other projects or simply left the island such as the person I replaced here.  Now that I’ve made it a priority for me to get this set up with my spare time, I realized that I may need to reset the password of the 6120s.  Those who have gone through this exercise will know that you will need to know what firmware version is loaded onto the fabric interconnects and if you’re in my situation, how are we going to figure out what version of the firmware is on the fabric if we can’t even log in? 


image image

Since I know that I won’t have an internet connection available at the datacenter, I went ahead to try searching for a list of all the firmware versions and the respective bundled 6100 kickstart file but could not find a list anywhere so as the title suggests, this post is geared towards listing all the firmware versions and bundled 6100 kickstart bin file available for a UCS B Series Infrastructure.


The following list is going to be a work in progress as I will need to download all of the bundles, upload them onto a 6100 fabric and then look at what the kickstart file name is in the package (I’ve tried using Daemon Tools, MagicISO and other utilities but could not open the bin file).  Please feel free to comment at the bottom for those who come across this post and notice that they have the kickstart package name for a missing cell. 

Also note that the following list is just something I’ve compiled manually referencing Cisco’s site so understand that it may contain errors and have missing versions because I think Cisco has pulled a few versions out of their download site.

Cisco UCS Infrastructure Software

Version Filename Bundled 6100 Kickstart File Release Date Size KB
1.4(1m) ucs-k9-bundle-infra.1.4.1m.A.bin ucs-6100-k9-kickstart.4.2.1.N1.1.4m.bin 01/MAR/2011 383732.78
1.4(1j) ucs-k9-bundle-infra.1.4.1j.A.bin ucs-6100-k9-kickkstart.4.2.1.N1.1.4j.bin 07/JAN/2011 382945.18
1.4(1i) ucs-k9-bundle-infra.1.4.1i.A.bin ucs-6100-k9-kickstart.4.2.1.N1.1.4i.bin 20/DEC/2010 383038.36
1.3(1t) ucs_k9_bundle.1.3.1t.bin ucs-6100-k9-kickstart.4.1.3.N2.1.3t.bin 22/MAR/2011 419109.65
1.3(1q) ucs_k9_bundle.1.3.1q.bin ucs-6100-k9-kickkstart.4.1.3.N2.1.3q.bin 22/FEB/2011 419500.11
1.3(1p) ucs_k9_bundle.1.3.1p.bin ucs-6100-k9-kickkstart.4.1.3.N2.1.3p.bin 20/DEC/2010 419381.15
1.3(1o) ucs_k9_bundle.1.3.1o.bin ucs-6100-k9-kickkstart.4.1.3.N2.1.3o.bin 01/NOV/2010 419282.44
1.3(1n) ucs_k9_bundle.1.3.1n.bin ucs-6100-k9-kickkstart.4.1.3.N2.1.3n.bin 25/AUG/2010 419482.39
1.3(1m) ucs_k9_bundle.1.3.1m.bin ucs-6100-k9-kickkstart.4.1.3.N2.1.3m.bin 13/AUG/2010 419481.01
1.3(1c) ucs_k9_bundle.1.3.1c.bin ucs-6100-k9-kickstart.4.1.3.N2.1.3c.bin 10/JUN/2010 419338.69
1.2(1d) ucs_k9_bundle.1.2.1d.bin ucs-6100-k9-kickstart.4.1.3.N2.1.2d.bin 05/MAY/2010 374206.88
1.1(1m) ucs_k9_bundle.1.1.1m.bin ucs-6100-k9-kickkstart.4.1.3.N2.1.1m.bin 19/MAY/2010 336136.30
1.1(1l) ucs-k9-bundle.1.1.1l.bin ucs-6100-k9-kickstart.4.1.3.N2.1.1l.bin Not available Not available
1.0(2k) ucs_k9_bundle.1.0.2k.bin ucs-6100-k9-kickkstart.4.0.1a.N2.1.2k.bin 01/MAR/2010 284942.48
1.0(1e) ucs-k9-bundle.1.0.1e.bin ucs-6100-k9-kickstart.4.0.1a.N2.1.1e.bin Not available Not available

I hope to complete this list as soon as I can and please feel free to comment if you have a better idea of figuring out what the bundled 6100 kickstart file is.

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