Sunday, December 9, 2012

Can VMware View Agent 5.1 connect to a 5.0 Connection Server?

I’ve recently been asked a few times over the last 2 months as to whether it is possible to update the VMware View Agent to 5.1 if the View Connection server was still at version 5.0 because as most of us know, a VMware View Client 5.1 can connect to a View Connection Server 5.0.  I haven’t actually tested this because as the VMware View 5.1 upgrade guide (view-51-upgrades.pdf) states in the Prerequisites section on page 47:

Verify that at least one View Connection Server instance in the replicated group has been upgraded to
View 5.1. View Connection Server must be upgraded to version 5.1 so that the secure JMS pairing
mechanism can work with View Agent 5.1.


Since I have an environment I’m upgrading this weekend, I figure I’d do a quick test to see what error is thrown and the following is what you’ll see if you decide to recompose a desktop that has the VMware View Agent 5.1 in a VMware View environment with the Connection server still at 5.0:


Not network communication between the VDM Agent and Connection Server. Please verify that the virtual desktop can ping the Connection Server via FQDN.


Hope this helps anyone looking for a quick answer as to whether this was possible.

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