Tuesday, August 2, 2011

VMware Data Recovery error: “Trouble writing to destination volume, error -102 (I/O error)”


You’re attempting to perform a backup on your virtual machines with VMware Data Recovery ( but notice that you continuously get the following error on all of the virtual machines:

Trouble writing to destination volume, error -102 (I/O error)




There is actually a VMware public KB available that suggests 3 possible causes:

Since I was using a regular Windows Server 2008 file server as the backup destination, none of the causes outlined in the KB applied to me.  What ended up being my problem was because the backup destination I used was an administrative share:


What was interesting was that the path I actually put in was:


… but after entering that UNC path, VDR would truncate the display name to just:


What I ended up doing was create a proper share named virtualmachines then modified the network share to:


Once I modified the path, the backup proceeded without any issues.

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