Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Attempting to recompose a VMware Horizon View 6.x desktop fails with the error status: java.lang.InterruptedException

I recently had to investigate an issue with a few VMware Horizon View 6.x desktops that failed to recomposed and was stuck in an error state with the status java.lang.InterruptedException and would like to share my troubleshooting steps in this blog post.


An attempt was made to recompose a desktop by the process fails with the desktop in an Error Status:


Clicking on the icon beside the Error status brings up the following details:


Pairing state:

Configured by:

Attempted theft by:


Launching the console of the virtual desktop displays the following:



I’ve come across this issue twice in the past and the first option to try is manually power off the desktop and leave it for a few minutes to see if vCenter is able to proceed with the recompose.  If the recompose operation does continue and completes then one of the possible causes for this is if an administrator had inadvertently interrupted the recompose operation by manually powering the desktop on.

If shutting the virtual desktop down doesn’t work then navigate into the virtual desktop’s summary tab in the Horizon View Administrator console to see if the snapshot used for the Base Image still exists because I’ve noticed in the past that this can happen if the master image no longer has the snapshot and a recompose or refresh operation is executed for the desktop. From here, try to issue another recompose with a different snapshot that exists on the master image and if that doesn’t work then recreate the machine completely.  In situations where the machine has a profile disk for a user that needs to be preserved, proceed to detach the profile disk and recreate a desktop with the profile disk.


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