Friday, May 11, 2018

Attempting to move a mailbox from one mailbox database to another in Exchange 2016 stops with the StatusDetail: StalledDueToSource_MailboxCapacityExceeded


You’ve initiated a mailbox move request from one mailbox database to another (cross a WAN link in this example) but noticed that the migration stops / halts with the StatusDetail StalledDueToSource_MailboxCapacityExceeded:



Suspending and resuming the migration does not restart the process.


While there are various reasons why the mailbox migration would halt, one of the things to try to restart the process is to identify the source server that hosts the mailbox and restart it.  Once the source server has been restarted with the services back up for a while, review the status again and verify it is either displaying InitialSeeding or CopyingMessages:


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Eduard Rimskiy said...

Run it on surce server:
Restart-Service MSExchangeMailboxReplication