Thursday, May 12, 2016

Unable to configure port group properties on distributed switch in vSphere Web Client

I’ve recently ran into an issue at a client’s vSphere 5.5 environment where I was unable to configure any properties of a port group on the distributed switches.  The properties of the environment are as follows:

vCenter Server version: 5.5.0, 3252642


ESXi version: 5.5.0, 3116895


I would attempt to use the vSphere Web Client as suggested by the following VMware documentation that demonstrates how to:

Filter Traffic on a Distributed Port or Uplink Port in the vSphere Web Client

… but quickly notice that setting the Status from Disabled:


… to Enabled:


… does not activate the configuration settings below.  Clicking on the OK button to save the configuration and then navigating back in shows that the Status is still set to Disabled:


Proceeding to any of the other tabs such as Advanced or Traffic shaping yields the same results:



After restarting vCenter and not having much luck in determining what the issue was, I opened a call to VMware to get a support engineer to assist.  The engineer did a few checks and wasn’t sure why this was happening so he got me to log in via the vSphere client to make a change to the Traffic Shaping settings which were successfully applied:



Then we went back into the vSphere Web Client to try changing the port group settings and quickly noticed all of them worked:


I asked the engineer if this was a bug and he said no so I’ll assume it is just a glitch.  Hope this helps anyone out there who may encounter this issue as I was not able to find any information about this on the internet.

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