Monday, July 14, 2014

Attempting to configure a NetScaler VPX appliance in Internet Explorer throws the error: “Java Applet could not be loaded”

I apologize for not writing any posts or responding to messages for a while as I’ve taken 2 months off beginning of May 1st, 2014 to do a bit of traveling and attempt to be fully detached from work.  I’ve returned a week ago and have began to adjust to the regular routine while getting back into “work mode” and begin blogging again.


You attempt to use Internet Explorer 11 with Java Version 7 Update 45 (build 1.7.0_45-b18) installed:


… to configure a NetScaler VPX 1000 (NS10.1 Build appliance but unable to as opening any configuration window or attempting to execute an operation such as failover throws the following error:

Cannot load Applet

Java Applet could not be loaded


Possible reasons:

JRE(Java Runtime Environment) not installed.

JRE is installed but not running.

Java browser plug-in is not installed or not enabled.


I’ve ran into this problem numerous times and it almost feels as if the solution can vary each and every single time.  In the past, all I needed to do was add the NSIP of the NetScaler into the Site List properties of the Java Control Panel as shown in the following screenshot:


… but when I clicked on the Security tab of the Java Control Panel for the workstation I was using, I noticed that there was no such option:


I’m not sure if this is a difference in version as the Java Control Panel that had the Site List setting was version 7 Update 60 (build 1.7.0_60-b19):



After being unable to update the Java version, I went ahead and changed the Security Level fro the default High (minimum recommended) to Medium:


I proceeded to restart the browser, retried the operation and this time it prompted me with a Security Warning window that allows the applet to load:



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