Monday, March 17, 2014

Renaming ESXi host datastores used by VMware Horizon View 5.3

I’ve been performing LUN consolidation planning and implementation recently for a client after realizing that they had a habit of creating 1 LUN to 1 VM mappings which brought them fairly close to the 256 per host limit and somewhat of an administration nightmare when trying to manage all the LUNs. The environment consists of:

vCenter: 5.5.0, 1476327
ESXi Hosts: 5.5.0, 1331820
VMware View: Horizon View 5.3

After completing the consolidation through growing, renaming and deleting datastores, I thought I’d check on the VMware Horizon View 5.3 environment to make sure things were ok and what I noticed was that the vCenter Settings tab had red letters as soon as I opened up a pool’s settings:


Selecting the vCenter Settings tab would show that the pool no longer has a datastore selected for the:

  • OS disk datastores
  • Persistent disk datastores

… as indicated by the text Click Browse to select:


This was when I realized that renaming these datastores used by VMware View was probably a bad idea so I went back and reverted the name change I made to the datastore that the OS disk datastores was assigned to then closed and went back into the vCenter Settings tab which now indicates there is a store selected by the text: 1 selected:


Repeating the change for the Persistent disk datastores datastore fixed the missing datastore:


What I ended up doing next was deploy a new store for the VDI pools’ OS disk datastores datastore, went into the properties and changed the OS disk datastores to the new LUN and removing the old one, executed a rebalance for the VDIs to move them onto the new datastore, then proceeded to rename the datastore that was no longer associated to the linked clone pool.

I unfortunately couldn’t try this on the Persistent disk datastores datastore but from what I can find as per the following KB:, it looks like it will be a fairly manual process.

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