Sunday, April 14, 2013

Removing a virtual desktop in VMware View 5.x throws the error: “Provisioning error occurred for Machine <VDI-Name>: Unable to remove Machine from inventory”


You attempt to remove a virtual machine from the VMware View administration console:


… but you notice that VMware View is unable to delete the virtual desktop and the follow error is logged in the events:

Error: Provisioning error occurred for Machine <VDI-Name>: unable to remove Machine from inventory


You will also notice that the failed actual is automatically recovered by powering back on the virtual desktop:

Automatic error recovery for Pool <pool-name>: attempting to restart Machine <VDI-name>



While there are probably multiple reasons why this error would be thrown, the environment I had to troubleshoot turned out to be because the Active Directory permissions were not set correctly.  The permissions required for the View service account can be found here:

What I’ve noticed is that most administrators miss an important step that isn’t obvious in the documentation and that is the Write All Properties permissions in the Properties tab:


In the screenshot above, note that the Object tab has a Write all properties permission and selecting this permission does not enable the Write all properties under the Properties tab shown here:


Forgetting this selection is one of the reasons why the error shown earlier in the post is thrown when attempting to remove virtual desktops from the VMware View administration console.

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