Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NetScaler VPX Access Gateway NIC mappings in vSphere 5

The purpose of this post is more for something I can reference if I have to deal with a live NetScaler VPX appliance that’s in production and somehow need to identify the NIC mappings on the appliance to the vNICs in vSphere.  The following is the version:

Appliance:  NetScaler VPX
Version:  NS10.0: Build, Date Sep 7 2012, 15:33:28


By default, 2 NICs are configured on the NetScaler VPX appliance as shown here:


The following are the interfaces and their vNIC mappings:

0/1 –> is mapped to –> Network adapter 1
–> is mapped to –> Network adapter 2

Here’s validation of the mappings through disconnecting the vNIC in VMware:

image image

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