Saturday, February 3, 2018

Upgrading VMware Horizon View from 7.0.2 to 7.4.0 causes VMware Horizon Composers to display a Red status in the View Administrator with "The service is not working properly" and SSL as "Unknown"


You have just successfully upgraded your VMware Horizon View 7.0.2 environment to 7.4.0 but noticed that the System Health of the View Composer Servers now displays a Red status with The service is not working properly and SSL as Unknown with no option of accepting the self signed certificate that the Composer service is using as you would normally expect to see.

The View 7.4.0 environment is currently using an older vSphere 5.5 environment and you have confirmed that TLS 1.0 has been enabled as per the following document:

Enable TLSv1.0 on vCenter and ESXi Connections from View Compose

Reviewing the event logs on the View Connection server show that the following error is logged:

Log Name: Application
Source: VMware

Event ID: 105

Level: Error

User: System


Certificate is invalid for Composer at address





            Time=Fri Feb 02 22:01:58 GMT 2018





The Events in the View Administrator console display the following message:

Certificate is invalid for Composer at address https://<vcenter>


Attempting to view the properties of a linked-clone pool displays the following error:

The certificate configured on View Comopser Server is invalid, blocking communication with this server. To resume communication, replace the certificate with a valid certificate signed by a CA. Alternatively, accept the certificate thumbprint by clicking Verify in the View Administrator dashboard.


You’ve confirmed that the correct self-signed certificate is assigned to the VMware Horizon View Composer service by executing the command:

sviconfig -operation=ReplaceCertificate -delete=false


You’ve tried changing the pae-SVIURL to the short NetBIOS name instead of the FQDN:



If you do not include on issuing a certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority and would like to use the self-signed certificate, the way to accept it is to navigate to the View Configuration > Servers menu, select the vCenter instance then click Edit to bring up the vCenter Server settings, then click Edit under the View Composer Server Settings section:


Getting into the configuration settings of the View Composer will now display the following invalid certificate detected prompt:


Click on the View Certificate… button will display the option to accept the self-signed certificate:


Accepting the certificate should now display the View Composer Servers health as green:



Unknown said...

Hey, thank you for your blog! It has saved me a lot of time!

We're running Horizon View 7.0.2 and we want to upgrade yo 7.4 (or 7.5). We've "played" a lot with it in our lab environment and no problems. But a friend of mine has told me we have to upgrade first to version 7.2 and then to 7.4 (or 7.5) because, if not, some configurations might be lost.... do you know if it's true? Do you have a post explainig the upgrade processs?

Thank you very much!

Unknown said...

Hi Santiago, I Will do this upgrade tomorrow, and I tell you my experience.