Monday, April 24, 2017

Attempting to install the Citrix XenDesktop 7.11 VDA agent fails with: Installation of MSI File ‘IcaWS_x64.msi’ failed with code ‘InstallPackageOpenFailed’ (1619).”


You’re attempting to the Citrix XenDesktop 7.11 VDA agent on a Windows 7 desktop but the installation immediately fails with the following error message:

Installation of MSI File ‘IcaWS_x64.msi’ failed with code ‘InstallPackageOpenFailed’ (1619).


Clicking on the View Details link displays the following:

Error Id: XDMI:B70F91CB


Citrix.MetaInstaller.MetaInstallerException Installation of MSI File 'IcaWS_x64.msi' failed with code 'InstallPackageOpenFailed' (1619).

at Citrix.MetaInstaller.Msi.InstallProduct(InstallationContext context, String msiPath, String parameters)

at Citrix.MetaInstaller.MsiComponent.Install(InstallationContext context)

at Citrix.MetaInstaller.InstallationManager.InstallComponent(IInstallableComponent component, InstallationContext installContext)


Reviewing the installation logs has the following information at the end of the log:

16:32:18.9638 $ERR$ : XenDesktopSetup:MSI file C:\Windows\TEMP\Ctx-AD3A7E10-3F36-4A0C-BE5F-B348771B0200\Extract\Image-Full\x64\Virtual Desktop Components\WS\IcaWS_x64.msi not found on media.

16:32:18.9658 : XenDesktopSetup:About to install MSI File 'C:\Windows\TEMP\Ctx-AD3A7E10-3F36-4A0C-BE5F-B348771B0200\Extract\Image-Full\x64\Virtual Desktop Components\WS\IcaWS_x64.msi' using params 'INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\Citrix" ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT="1" MSIFASTINSTALL="1" MSIRMSHUTDOWN="2"' log file is 'C:\Users\tluk\AppData\Local\Temp\Citrix\XenDesktop Installer\MSI Log Files\IcaWS_x641895175363.txt'

16:32:18.9658 : XenDesktopSetup:Starting synchronous process 'msiexec' with args '/i "C:\Windows\TEMP\Ctx-AD3A7E10-3F36-4A0C-BE5F-B348771B0200\Extract\Image-Full\x64\Virtual Desktop Components\WS\IcaWS_x64.msi" /lv "C:\Users\tluk\AppData\Local\Temp\Citrix\XenDesktop Installer\MSI Log Files\IcaWS_x641895175363.txt" /quiet INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\Citrix" ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT="1" MSIFASTINSTALL="1" MSIRMSHUTDOWN="2" CLOUD=False REBOOT=ReallySuppress'

16:32:19.0158 : XenDesktopSetup:Process output: T h i s i n s t a l l a t i o n p a c k a g e c o u l d n o t b e o p e n e d . V e r i f y t h a t t h e p a c k a g e e x i s t s a n d t h a t y o u c a n a c c e s s i t , o r c o n t a c t t h e a p p l i c a t i o n v e n d o r t o v e r i f y t h a t t h i s i s a v a l i d W i n d o w s I n s t a l l e r p a c k a g e .

16:32:19.0168 : XenDesktopSetup:Process output:

16:32:19.0178 : XenDesktopSetup:Process output:

16:32:19.0188 : XenDesktopSetup:Process completed with error code 1619

16:32:19.0188 $ERR$ : XenDesktopSetup:Installation of MSI File 'IcaWS_x64.msi' failed with code 'InstallPackageOpenFailed' (1619).

16:32:19.0198 $ERR$ : XenDesktopSetup:InstallComponent: Failed to install component 'ICA for Workstation Services'. Installation of MSI File 'IcaWS_x64.msi' failed with code 'InstallPackageOpenFailed' (1619).

16:32:19.0198 $ERR$ : XenDesktopSetup:Recording installation failure. Installation of MSI File 'IcaWS_x64.msi' failed with code 'InstallPackageOpenFailed' (1619).

16:32:19.0208 PROC : XenDesktopSetup:InstallComponent: Exit

16:32:19.0208 : XenDesktopSetup:Install tasks for this session have finished.

16:32:19.0208 : XenDesktopSetup:Installation failed

16:32:19.0638 : XenDesktopSetup:InstallationManager returned Failed



This error actually threw me off for quite a few hours because the client called me to troubleshoot the issue over the phone which meant I wasn’t able to run the install myself.  After downloading different versions of the VDA agent, disjoining the template from the domain to eliminate GPO related issues, reviewing Windows hotfixes and patching the Windows 7 desktop to the latest version, what ended up being the issue was that the client used the server version of the the VDA agent:



The installation completed as soon as the client downloaded the correct VDA agent:





Anonymous said...

Thank you for saving us hours of troubleshooting, this worked!!

Anonymous said...

this one helped me a lot. 7.15 CU1 upgrade to 7.15 CU4 using RESAM that installs without an error, but also without success. using the server one instead of the vdi helped. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, saved me a few hours as well