Sunday, December 8, 2013

Configuring Netscaler VPX appliance throws the error: “Java Applet could not be loaded”


NetScaler VPX Version: NS10.1: Build, Date: Oct 18 2013, 10:25:05


Internet Explorer Version: 9.0.8112.16421


Java Version: Java 7 Update 45



I don’t think I’ve ever been as frustrated with web administration consoles that are browser based and rely on Java as the NetScaler VPX appliance, Compellent and Cisco UCS.  Earlier versions of Java last year was easily to fix as all you needed to do was uncheck the Keep temporary files on my computer then delete the files:

image image


… but the later versions with the error:

Downloading Applet…

image image

… then after being stuck at 1% for a period of time, the following is presented:

Cannot load Applet

Java Applet could not be loaded


Possible reasons:

JRE(Java Runtime Environment) not installed.

JRE is installed but not running.

Java browser plug-in is not installed or not enabled.


I’ve gone on to try disabling verification as some forums suggested:

image image

… or looking for the security option to switch to a lower medium level which does not appear to be present for the latest Java version I downloaded today (December 8, 2013).

After spending over 30 minutes researching solutions which non corrected the issue, I went ahead and tried Google Chrome 31.0.1650.64 which ended up working.  


Not exactly the best solution but it was enough for me as all I wanted was to make a small change to the NetScaler VPX appliance.


Edwin said...

You are quite right, I've been dealing with this issue for the last hour now. A new version of Java comes out, and in the middle of working on the Netscaler the GUI just quits working. This occurred on multiple machines.

Citrix needs to drop Java from the Netscaler web GUI ASAP. Java is horrible.

Matt said...

Try lowering the Java security to medium in addition to unchecking keep temporary files. This is my go to way to get it to work.

Lucien said...

I tried diferrent combinaisons (IE8/9/10/11, Java 1.6/7/8) and this is what worked for me: IE9 with Java 1.6.0.

Kawaljit Singh said...

I have Windows 7 with IE 8 as the management system. Installed Java 1.6 and now it works like a charm

Glenn said...

Yep, didn't work until Java security set to medium (IE 10, Java 7-040, NS 10.x)

Anonymous said...

I won't recommend turning the security down (for your own security), you can however make a exclusion just for the netscaler...

Shyam Masala said...

Fix for me: I uninstalled all versions of Java and installed only Java 7 update 45 (both 32 and 64 bit). Cleared the temporary files check box,changed security to medium. All working OK now