Saturday, March 30, 2013

Problems activating BlackBerry z10 with BES 10 BlackBerry Device Service with the error: “Check your login information and try again.”


You’re trying to activate a new BlackBerry z10 device with a newly deployed BES 10 BlackBerry Device Service server but as you enter the activation password:


The activation proceeds to the:

Contacting server

Don’t close Settings until complete.

… phase:


Then fails with:

Activation Error

Check your login information and try again.



I reviewed all of the event logs on the BlackBerry Device Service server but could not find any errors logged and searching on the internet did not provide additional information so I placed a call into BlackBerry’s support and was told by the engineer that the BlackBerry plan provisioned by the carrier was set to Standard and that we needed to request a change to Advanced.  We contacted the carrier to have the plan changed and that ended up fixing the issue.


Unknown said...

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Pnooell said...

Great information. However, the error message I receive is different from the one stated. Mine says "Activation error, server couldn't be contacted. Check that you are connected to a network and that the server address is correct, and try again"

Please advice.

Blackberry 9780 said...

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Graeme said...

I don't believe you need a BlackBerry plan for z10 / BES 10, only a data plan.

I don't have a BlackBerry plan on my test SIM and I can talk to our BES 10.

Re: "server couldn't be contacted". Have you opened up the correct ports on your firewall? The BB docs say port 8081, but I found that my BlackBerry Enterprise Management Web Service (EMWS.exe) was listening on a different port (38084).