Friday, July 8, 2022

Using Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK to retrieve Office 365 / Microsoft 365 license usage with friendly names

Those who have been using the Msol online and Azure AD modules may be aware that Microsoft has announced that they will be deprecated after December 2022 this year, which means all the scripts that relies on these modules will need to be updated. This announcement meant one of the scripts that I have often used in the past to automate reports for Office 365 / Microsoft 365 licensing was no longer going to work in 5 months so I thought there would be no better time than now to modernize it. The two options available were:

  1. Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK
  2. Microsoft Graph API

Given that what I had was already a PowerShell script, I decided to migrate it to option #1 – Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK.

The task seemed pretty straight forward as the Get-MgSubscribedSku ( appeared to be exactly what I needed but I later realized that the output did not provided the amount of licenses that were purchased because it was stored in the PrepaidUnits property that displays:

  1. TotalUnits
  2. SuspendedUnits
  3. WarningUnits

Furthermore, the provided SkuPartNumber name wasn’t the friendly name we would see on the portal so simply sending these fields to, say, sales or accounting would likely confuse them.

The script I ended up with at the end was to retrieve a table with the fields provided by Get-MgSubscribedSku, another table that contained the PrepaidUnits property, and finally an imported table from a CSV that contained a list of licenses and their friendly names that was provided by Microsoft here:

The script can be found here at my GitHub repo:

… and here are some sample outputs:




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